The elephant in the room

XXL animal puppet for seven puppeteers

After almost a year of planning and production, our lifelike animal puppet is now complete. Those who have been following us for a while probably know which "elephantastic" project we are talking about: That's right, it's our stunning war elephant named Ayana. She will be on stage for the production of Verdi's opera "Aida" produced by "FKP Show Creations".

A week ago, in the beautiful northern German city of Hamburg, our Ayana had her first big live performance together with all the other performers. Our entire team accompanied her to the Barclays Arena for this. Seven actors are needed to bring the magnificent elephant to life. The press response was huge. Here is a link to a short clip. And here you can find a link to an interesting instagram post.

With a tear in our eye we said goodbye to her. Ayana will now start her big journey without us: An exciting European tour is in store for her. We wish her a great journey!

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