A champagne glass as co-star

XXL glass as a burlesque accessory

This time it´s getting hot: We made this glittering champagne glass for the burlesque dancer Anna Roura. As "Parfait de la Neige" she now performs with this very special prop in her shows.

The demands for this project were very diverse: Of course, the glass had to look beautiful, stylish and sexy. To achieve this, we created a digital 3D design, then added a lot of glitter and Swarowski stones. In addition, the glass had to be stable, transparent and waterproof, as Anna - we can reveal this much - bathes in champagne in her glass, scantily clad.

Here you can have a glimpse: Shows | Parfait de la Neige Burlesque Tänzerin | Burlesque und Shows

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