From a cat's point of view

Interactive XXL product replicas

In Hamburg's main station, passers-by crawl on all fours, scratch at a large object and snuggle in a corner. What the fur is going on here? We have the answer:

The Purina Felix company hired us to build three over-sized cat toys to bring our pets' favourite pastime to life. Who wouldn't want to feel like a cat for a day?

We created a 2.5 metre tall scratching post, a tunnel with a diameter of one metre and a shoebox chewed on by a cat in which two adults can make themselves comfortable. All three props feature the Felix brand colours: black and white. For the 2.5 m scratching post, we made a 50 metre-long, thick sisal rope. A huge blue, fluffy play ball hangs from the top platform. This is what the world looks like from a cat's perspective.

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